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In order that they can express their individuality in their approach to music, competitors in the Dublin International Piano Competition may perform, with some exceptions, programmes of their own choice. These programmes should demonstrate an understanding of programme building, an ability to play in a variety of musical styles and most importantly to show the depth of their own musicianship, rather than mere technical brilliance.

With reference to the solo rounds, the repertoire must have been composed for solo piano and no alteration to the piano may take place.  Strict adherence to time limits must be observed, and no piece may be played twice in the Competition. Works must be performed in their entirety; individual movements are not permitted.

As a tribute to the Competition’s Co-Founder and first Artistic Director, John O’Conor, each candidate must play a solo work by Ludwig van Beethoven from the following list in any one of the solo rounds of the Competition (not counting the application video):

  • The 32 Piano Sonatas (excluding the Hammerklavier Sonata, Op. 106)
  • Seven Bagatelles, Op. 33
  • Eroica Variations, Op. 35
  • Eleven Bagatelles, Op. 119
  • Six Bagatelles, Op. 126

In the Quarter-Finals, as part of their 40-minute programme, candidates will perform one of the four five-minute contemporary pieces commissioned by RTÉ lyric fm for the DIPC.  These pieces will be composed by David Coonan, Roger Doyle, Ailís Ni Riain and Judith Ring and will be published by the Contemporary Music Centre, Dublin.

In the Semi-Finals, candidates will perform, in addition to their 40-minute solo programme, a piano quintet with the ConTempo Quartet.

Detailed programme and timeline

Application video:

To be submitted online by November 1st 2024:

15-minute video – own choice programme (which can include repertoire from the later Competition rounds)

The applications will be assessed by the Chairman of the Jury, Finghin Collins, along with one member of the Jury, Noriko Ogawa.

Results will be communicated by December 31st 2024.

Irish Competitors can choose to apply online or can, if they prefer, take part in live auditions which will be held in late December 2024 in Dublin, at which they will play a 30-minute programme.  This programme can include repertoire from the later Competition rounds.
Separate Application Forms for these auditions will be available from the Competition website from August 2024 and the application deadline will be November 1st 2024.

First Round – video: 

To be submitted online by February 1st 2025 (65 pianists maximum):

30-minute recital – own choice programme

These videos will be available to the public to view online in February and March 2025. They will be judged remotely by six members of the international jury: Michel Béroff, Finghin Collins (chair), Piers Lane, Anne-Marie McDermott, Katie McGuinness and Noriko Ogawa.

Results will be communicated by February 28th 20255 and scores of the four commissioned contemporary pieces will be sent to the successful competitors.


May 9th/ 10th / 11th 2025 in the Whyte Recital Hall, Royal Irish Academy of Music, Dublin (28 pianists maximum):

40-minute solo recital to include one five-minute contemporary piece selected from the four pieces commissioned by RTÉ lyric fm for the DIPC. The commissioned composers for the 2025 Competition are David Coonan, Roger Doyle, Ailís Ni Riain and Judith Ring. .


May 13th / 14th 2025 in the Whyte Recital Hall, Royal Irish Academy of Music, Dublin  (Eight pianists):
40-minute solo recital – own choice programme and Piano Quintet performance with ConTempo Quartet.
Candidates must select from the following list:
  • Johannes Brahms Piano Quintet in F minor, Op. 34
  • Antonin Dvorák Piano Quintet in A major, Op. 81
  • Robert Schumann Piano Quintet in E flat major, Op.  44


May 16th 2025 in the National Concert Hall, Dublin (Three pianists):
Concerto performance with Ireland’s National Symphony Orchestra conducted by Jonas Alber. 
Candidates must choose a concerto from the following list:
  • Mozart Concerto No 9 in E flat K271
  • Mozart Concerto No 15 in B flat K450
  • Mozart Concerto No 17 in G K453
  • Mozart Concerto No 20 in D minor K466
  • Mozart Concerto No 21 in C K467
  • Mozart Concerto No 22 in E flat major K482
  • Mozart Concerto No 23 in A K488
  • Mozart Concerto No 24 in C minor K491
  • Mozart Concerto No 25 in C K503
  • Mozart Concerto No 27 in B flat K595
  • Beethoven Concerto No 1 in C, opus 15
  • Beethoven Concerto No 2 in B flat, opus 19
  • Beethoven Concerto No 3 in C minor, opus 37
  • Beethoven Concerto No 4 in G, opus 58
  • Beethoven Concerto No 5 in E flat, opus 73
  • Chopin Concerto No 1 in E minor, opus 11
  • Chopin Concerto No 2 in F minor, opus 21
  • Schumann Concerto in A minor, opus 54
  • Brahms Concerto No 1 in D minor, opus 15
  • Brahms Concerto No 2 in B flat major, opus 83
  • Liszt Concerto No 1 in E flat
  • Liszt Concerto No 2 in A major
  • Grieg Concerto in A minor, opus 16
  • Tchaikovsky Concerto No 1 in B flat minor, opus 23
  • Rachmaninoff Concerto No 2 in C minor, opus 18
  • Rachmaninoff Concerto No 3 in D minor, opus 30
  • Rachmaninoff Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini, opus 43
  • Ravel Concerto in G major
  • Bartók Concerto No 3 (1945)
  • Prokofiev Concerto No 2 in G minor, opus 16
  • Prokofiev Concerto No 3 in C, opus 26


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