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Frequently Asked Questions

*Please note — these FAQs were last updated for the 2022 Competition. A 2025 Competition information update is coming soon.

What are the Competition Dates?

13 – 24 May 2022

Who can enter the Competition?

The Competition is open to professional pianists of all nationalities who were born before 13 May 2004 and after 13 May 1992.

How much is the entry fee?

The entry fee is 250 Euros

How do I enter the Competition?

The Competition is using Acceptd as its application format

I would like to enter the Competition, but I am older/under the age stated in the conditions?

Unfortunately, you may not take part in the Competition

When is the application deadline?

The application deadline is before November 1 2021

Do I need a Visa to travel to Ireland?

Please note that Ireland is not a signatory of the Schengen Agreement, and that a Schengen Visa does not necessarily allow a national of a country outside the European Union to enter Ireland.  So, if you are from a country outside the European Union, even if you hold a Schengen Visa, please check the Department of Foreign Affairs website to see if you require a separate Irish Visa.

I have not been a competitor in any international competition, may I submit an entry?

Yes, you may.

When will I receive an invitation to take part in the Competition?

Letters of acceptance or rejection will be emailed no later than January 19 2022

If my application is not successful will you refund my application fee?

The application fee is nonrefundable unless for some reason the  Competition does not take place.

How is the order of performance determined?

The order of the performances will be determined by ballot.

How many Competitors advance through each round?

  • Twenty-four Competitors will be admitted to the Second Round
  • Twelve Competitors will be admitted to the Semi-Finals.
  • Four Competitors will be admitted to the Final.

Can the first prize be tied?

No the First Prize cannot be tied.


What are the repertoire requirements for each round?

The repertoire must have been written for solo piano and no alteration to the piano may take place.  Strict adherence to time limits must be observed, and no piece may be played twice in the Competition. Competitors must also include identification numbers of each piece, e.g. Op., K., Hob etc.   All Scarlatti sonatas must be identified with Kirkpatrick and/or Longo numbers.

Can you outline the timing requirements for each round?

  • First Round: 30 minutes.
  • Second Round: 40 minutes.
  • Semi Final: 50 minutes to include a five minute compulsory piece.
  • Final: Concerto performance with Orchestra.

Does my repertoire have to be performed from memory?

Your repertoire must be played from memory with the exception of the specially commissioned compulsory piece which is to be performed in the semi-finals.

The requirements for the programme indicate the maximum duration of each Round, does it include pauses between pieces, setting time and applause?

The timing starts when the playing starts and finishes when the performance ends.

What are my Concerto choices for the Final?

The choice of Concertos are listed on the website – click here

What are contrasting Concertos?

Contrasting Concertos normally refer to Concertos from two difference periods, i.e., Classical and Romantic, Romantic and Modern or Classical and Modern.

I have already proceeded with an application but I would like to change my competition repertoire.

If you are accepted to take part in the Competition, you will then receive a new deadline date for submitting a revised repertoire.

May I perform a piece composed by myself in the Competition?

Yes, you may, if this piece meets the repertoire requirements.  If your application is successful, the music sheets are to be forwarded to the Competition Directorate in advance.

Contact Details

What are the contact details for the Dublin International Piano Competition?

info@dipc.ie is the main contact email for the Competition.

The postal address is:   

38, Baggot Street Upper Dublin, D04 A2P2, Ireland

Telephone number: +353 (89) 978 4710


Should I upload a video or will a link suffice?

Please only send the link to your video, i.e., YouTube link, etc.

Can I upload more than one link?

Yes you may, maximum of three

What are the guidelines for the video format?

The recording should be from a fixed camera position, showing the full body and legs of the candidate. The video recording should be an online unedited recording.

What is the required duration of the video recording?

Twenty to thirty minutes duration

What are the guidelines for the video content?

The video content is free choice and should also include some of the repertoire you intend to play in any round of the competition.

Is verification of the video recording required?


How do I provide the verification?

Certified by the candidates latest teacher, mentor or a musician of standing, verifying that the recording is by the candidate and that no editing has taken place. This letter of verification must include a telephone number and/or an email address for confirmation, if necessary.

When a sonata performance is recorded on a video, is it ok to turn off the camera during the breaks between the parts?

It is not allowed to turn off the camera, as there should be no recording interruption during the performance of one piece of music.

Is it possible to send a video recording of my performance with orchestra?

No, this is not permitted.

Competition Entry – Checklist for Documents etc.

What documents do I need to provide with my application?

Checklist for documents as follows:

  1. Completed all of the Application Form
  2. Copy of Birth Certificate or Passport
  3. Reports or Certificates of Study
  4. Letter from most recent teacher or mentor, specifically recommending them for this Competition.
  5. Curriculum Vitae
  6. Two letters of recommendation other than latest teacher or mentor.
  7. Three photographs (signed on back) if posting application. Otherwise photo online will suffice.
  8. Entrance Fee
  9. Repertoire list for Competition – with timings
  10. Link to a visual recording of 20-30 minutes including letter of verification with email/phone number

Accommodation for Competitors during the Competition

What type of accommodation does the competition provide for competitors?

Free accommodation in private houses will be offered to all competitors for the duration of their participation in the Competition.

Do I have to stay with a family?

Competitors not wishing to stay with families must source and pay for their own accommodation.

If I am eliminated, may I stay in Dublin with my host family until the Competition is over?

No. Accommodation is only provided for competitors who are still participating in the Competition.

Can my wife / partner / family also stay with the host family I am allocated to?

No. If you are travelling with a companion, your companion must stay in a hotel or guest house at their own expense.

I have special dietary requirements, is this a problem?

No, if you are accepted for the competition you will receive a questionnaire which will address this issue

I am allergic to house pets, can I be allocated to a house that does not have pets?

This is also addressed in the questionnaire you will receive if accepted.

Travel arrangements to Dublin

Who organises my flights to and from Dublin?

This is the responsibility of the Competitor and the Competition does not provide any funding for travel.

The Competition rules say that all rights to broadcast audio and video recordings of Competition rounds and the final concerts featuring winners belong to the Directorate of the Competition; may I refuse to transfer the rights to the recordings with my participation?

Rights to any Competition performance whether broadcast, televised, recorded or filmed belong to the Competition.  No fee is payable on account of these performances or any recordings, broadcasts or transmissions of them.  By entering for the Competition you are automatically accepting these  conditions.   It is not possible to refuse to do so.

Practice Facilities for Competitors:

What practice facilities are available?

Practice pianos will be available in Dublin before and during the Competition for all Competitors for the duration of their participation in the Competition. Practice pianos will be available from Wednesday, May 11th 2022


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