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Team Harmony

For three decades, the passion and commitment of the volunteer teams of the Dublin International Piano Competition have helped drive the DIPC on its upward trajectory. This group is collectively referred to as ‘Team Harmony’.

‘Team Harmony’  is the backbone of the daily operation of the Competition.  The work of ‘Team Harmony’ includes staffing the box office, programme selling and front of house team.

Through an extended network of volunteers, their families and friends, the ripples of the Competition have spread throughout the city and become securely embedded in the lives of many in a very personal way.   

Young pianists stay with host families, rather than in hotels and form a bond over the period of the Competition that has made for many life-long friendships.   

The uniquely nurturing nature of the Competition continues with a team of drivers who deliver Competitors to their practice and performance in the Competition, and the piano owners who open their homes to practising contestants, providing encouragement – and tea and sympathy! – whenever needed.  This ultimately creates a more successful competitive, as well as convivial, experience for all.

A member of ‘Team Harmony” is assigned to look after each Competitor for pre and post performance linking in with the experienced team in the Green Room.    

At the heart of the Competition, we re-discover the love of piano performance. The work of ‘Team Harmony’  embraces the ambition of the Competitors,  and enhances the experience of all involved in the Competition. We invite you to be a part of the Competition, by becoming a volunteer as part of ‘Team Harmony’ and enjoy a unique and uplifting experience. Please email info@dipc.ie if you’d like to get involved.


Up to 20 drivers are required for each Competition, some of whom take leave from their full time work to drive the Competitors from pillar to post across Dublin over the 10-day duration of the Competition

Coupled with the commitment to take on this very important role, the drivers have to be ready to be up with the dawn chorus and also burn the midnight oil, particularly on result nights.  A unique bond is formed between the drivers and Competitors. As the Competitors progress through the rounds of the Competition every effort is made to ‘twin’ the driver with the Competitor.  The conversations in the car are always respected and viewed as sacrosanct!


‘New Dublin’ Bernadette Madden


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