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Pavel Nersessian


Winning the competition –  what it meant for you, the impact on your career:

The 1991 Dublin International Competition was a great turning point for me. It has changed my professional life, my self-esteem, it gave me a lot of opportunities and experience. I understand now that winning a competition is only a start, a real competition starts after, when you are given all means to establish yourself and you should not miss any chance.  The Dublin International Piano  Competition is one of the best in terms of this so important part of a performer’s development.

Any special memory or anecdote

I met so many great people, it started several life-long friendships. I was amazed by a sense of responsibility of the whole very numerous teams of people around the Competition.   I got help on every step and on every occasion I needed.  It includes a curious episode when I walked from the stage having forgotten to play a piece which was the last in my 2nd round program!  The lady responsible for participants behind the stage asked me if I played it and I suddenly realized that I would be disqualified now!  I rushed back and played.  It also shows a degree of nerve tension.

Your experience during the competition 

I still close my eyes and smile, remembering the Competition.  I still enjoy the company of many great people who led and organised this Competition for so many years.


Pavel Nersessian