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Alexej Gorlatch


Winning the competition – what it meant for you, the impact on your career

It was truly an incredible experience to receive the 1st prize at the Dublin International Piano Competition.  Not only did this bring great recognition in the music world – it opened many doors at an international level, becoming one of the most important and impactful events of my career.

Any special memory or anecdote

The heartful people I met during the Competition will always remain one of my fondest memories and thinking back brings a smile to my face.  Furthermore, I had a fantastic opportunity to experience the breathtaking nature of Ireland during a concert tour throughout the country which immediately makes me want to go there again.

Your experience during the competition

The Dublin Competition meant a time of complete focus on music, a time of developing a strong connection with the audience and growing as a musician.  The people at the Dublin Competition know exactly how stressful the situation can be for young performers and they support everybody in the best possible way.  I will always be thankful!