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Alexei Nabioulin


Winning the competition – what it meant for you, the impact on your career

The Dublin International Piano Competition was a big gift from heaven and also a big fortune for me. Naturally, a concert piano gifted by Kawai, substantial cash prize, impressive number of prestigious engagements, they are very important things for each young musician.

But now, being a mature man, I want to note one significant and unique life moment, that I received from the Competition’s Administrator, Ann Fuller.     Ann helped me to believe in myself, my forces, my talent, and the need to develop further.

Any special memory or anecdote

The process of the Competition was impeccably organised.  In honesty, every element of the Competition was professional and well thought out. Perhaps one moment was surprising for me.  It is my promenade ‘with legs’ before the second round.    During the day, in Dublin Bay, the sun was shining, and I got burned.   That night, playing in the RDS Concert Hall, all my head was on fire.

Your experience during the competition 

A very pleasant experience was the possibility to practice on new concert pianos, and to also play in the homes of Irish families, meeting new people and being made welcome into their homes.

In 15 days of competition in  May 2000, I had the experience of a great competition, great human relationships and wonderful conversation.     This experience is unforgettable.


Alexei Nabioulin